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Assembly of Elephants creates new performance work in live theatre, digital capture and audio.

We make theatre, video, podcasts and radio works. We seek out ideas that demand an audience, and works from our elders that offer wisdom now.

Assembly of Elephants was formed in 2018 by two women who thought the world should be fairer, kinder, more open-minded in its consideration of others, less prone to stereotype and judgement … and a bit crazier.

We think we need crazy.

The Waterhole

My Father's Wars - live performance


My Father’s Wars was digitally captured in front of a live audience at Yeronga State High School on 3 October, 2021. The education pack is available to …

Gloria by Elaine Acworth


Gloria is a play with music about grace and grandchildren, and about memory. Or anyone who’s ever stumbled over putting a face to a name … 

My Father's Wars the Podcasts


The AWGIE nominated My Father’s Wars podcasts were funded by the Queensland ANZAC Centenary Grants program and supported by the …

Composing Venus by Elaine Acworth


Spanning three decades, in flights of fantasy, poetic phrasing and sombre soliloquy, Composing Venus tells the story of three generations of women living …

On Elephants

If people want to know what an elephant is like, they are like people. Only more so.Pierre Corneille

People always say, ‘Elephants never forget’. What they don’t tell you is that you never forget an elephant. Bill Murray

He who rides the wild elephant goes where the wild elephant goes. Proverb