My Father’s Wars

On the day that she discovers she can’t bury her dying mother with her father, Ruth realises that much of her childhood was shaped by her father’s experience of war, many years before she was born.


My Father’s Wars is the vivid, funny and sometimes shocking story of a daughter’s search for her dead father amongst the letters and diaries of other young soldiers who fought with him.

Part verbatim work, part personal story, the play takes us to the muddy trenches of the Western Front and to a child’s suburban Brisbane, transforming the story of one ANZAC into a universal story of soldiering and its intergenerational impact. These are all our fathers.

Written by: Elaine Acworth

Themes: War and its intergenerational impact, Memory, Family, Soldiering, Australian History

Length: 45 Minutes

Suitable for: Adults and students Years 7-12.

Cast size: 3

Character ages: 5–80

Production History

My Father’s Wars was theatrically produced, and digitally captured in front of a live audience at Yeronga State High School on 1 October, 2021.