A few years ago, I wrote a play with songs (Gloria) about a rock diva/chanteuse who had left her 2 year old behind in Australia and gone to Europe in the 70’s.  In her 50s she returns to try to reestablish contact – but has a stroke and her mind fractures.  So, the play traces her attempts to rebuild herself (and so remember the past) in order to re-connect with her son – a son who definitely doesn’t want that.  

The kernels from which the play began were the extraordinary stories of hope and despair, and survival that came out of the various forced adoption enquiries, and the idea of the gift and healing power of music.

The play was commissioned by QTC (as it was then) and premiered with them in 2014. It had a terrific reception.


 “It’s a devastating play, and I hope the season can be extended because it’s almost sold out already.  One of the best plays and productions of the year.” 

Alison Coates, Daily Review,  29 July 2014

“… experienced playwright, Elaine Acworth has gone mighty close to pulling off the theatrical equivalent to a triple-pike-with-twist in Gloria, her new play…  a short, sharp and ultimately deeply moving night in the theatre…” 

Martin Buzacott, The Australian, 25 July 2014

“… Elaine Acworth’s Gloria is a rare example of a new show that actually lives up to its publicity; one that confronts, intrigues and engages the emotions…” 

James Harper, Courier-Mail Extra, Tuesday 29 July 2014


Purchase the script of Gloria online at Playlab.

Christen O’Leary as Gloria