Water Wars

La Boite Indie 2011 | Umber productions

Water Wars is a timely and darkly funny exploration of what happens between neighbours as the drought gets longer and tougher and then gets renamed as a ‘dry’…

Set just into the future – when our communities face on-going water scarcity – Water Wars charts the bumpy road of neighbourliness as tempers fray and niggles turn into frank discussions, that turn into skirmishes, that grow into outright war.  But in the middle of all this is a young boy, Cal, and his dog, Freddo.  Cal will have to live with the consequences of the adults’ actions in this water-starved world.

The play speaks to our urgent need to examine how we use water, how we regard the world around us – a very pertinent and immediate subject in southern, central, western and SE Queensland.  It practiced what it preached – using sustainable products, materials, recycling where possible and, in a world-first, David Walters lit every scene with no more power than you could draw from a wall socket!

Water Wars was initially co-produced in 2011 with Umber’s partner, The Empire Theatre, and played at the Oakey Cultural Centre, Darling Downs and at La Boite as a part of their Independent season. It was supported by Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland (Creative Sparks and QASP) and by the Federal Government’s Regional Arts Fund. 

Water Wars garnered multiple awards and nominations including 8 Groundlings and 3 Matildas (including best new work) and established relationships with seconded artistic personnel in Toowoomba that are thriving.

Creative Team

Elaine Acworth, Sita Borhani, Penny Challen, Shaun Charles, Freddy Komp, Nicholas O’Donnell, David Walters and Guy Webster.


Chris Baz, Kellie Jones, Amber-Jade Salas, Jess Veurman-Betts & Kate Wilson.


”Third play in the La Boite Indie season, this one is a bottler!”

Stage Whispers

“The indie production from La Boite is timely and full of dark humour weaved within the relatable plot. With only a short season, it’s an unmissable production.”

Concrete Playground
Amber-Jade Salas, Kate Wilson & Jess Veurman-Betts
Rehearsal: Chris Baz, Amber-Jade Salas, & Kellie Jones